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Is it OK to add collagen to your hot coffee?

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Collagen hydrolysate is an easy way to increase daily protein intake. It is flavorless, so it can be added to most anything without throwing flavors off.

Is it safe to add to hot liquids?

Morning coffee is a common ritual, either because of habit, it's part of your intermittent fasting regimen or you use it to stimulate your bowels in the morning. I love to make complex coffee blends in the morning, adding in fats and protein. For me, it keeps my morning blood sugar regulated, my energy levels balanced and I feel satiated until I each lunch in the afternoon.

One of my go to protein sources is collagen hydrolysate from Great Lakes Collagen company.

One of the concerns of adding collagen to hot liquids is high temperature can cause proteins to change their structure (denature) and possibly degrade. Thus, adding collagen to hot coffee might cause the collagen to lose its structure and any corresponding health benefits. However, laboratory research shows that collagen protein does not begin to undergo temperature-induced changes until temperatures reach 302 °F, and it does not begin to break down until temperatures reach 572 °F (Bozec, Biophys J 2011). These temperatures are much higher than the typical temperature at which coffee is brewed (200 °F).

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