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Blueprint 'Don't Die'
Concierge Program


Bryan Johnson has created a breakthrough program that will continue to impact the lives of thousands.  I am a tremendous fan of biohacking and making changes that impact my life and the lives of my patients.  What I appreciate the most about the Blueprint program is the level of objective lab testing that Bryan Johnson performs.

Bryan Johnson uses multiple prescription medications in conjunction with his nutraceuticals.  Most insurance-based doctors will not prescribe the medications that he uses in an off-label manner.  Our practice is familiar with these medications and is confident in their safe and efficacious use, in conjunction with proper lab testing. 

With this in mind, we have created a concierge program that gives you greater access to the prescribing doctor, including by text message.  You get access to the most inexpensive cash-based labs to track your progress.  Many of these lab kits can be drop shipped to your home, blood draws can be done at local Labcorp facilities, or a mobile phlebotomist can come to you.  You also get access to 15% off professional-line nutraceuticals, distributed by Fullscript Dispensary.  Our clinic understands compounded medications and can assist you in accessing similar formulas, like the compounded prescription hair solutions that Bryan uses.

This concierge access program is available for only $275 per monthly billing or $3,000 per year if paid in advance, a $300 savings.  You won't have any office visit payments while using this program. Those fees give you unprecedented access to the doctor, who normally bills office visits at $425 per hour.


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