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Policies & Fees

Fees and Payment:

  • $425 for a comprehensive, first office visit, which is typically 60 minutes, may include an EKG, BIA, grip strength test.

  • Men's health assessments consist of two 1 hour appointments plus lab fees. The approximate cost for a new male patient is about $1200.

  • Follow up appointments are from $225-425, depending on complexity and time spent in the appointment.

  • Payment is due at the time of service. Please discuss any fee questions with the office before your appointment so you can know what to expect.

  • You may pay with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, cash.

  • These fees do not cover lab testing. Dr. Kalman uses discount laboratories that offer significant cash discounts to patients.  All payments are made directly to the labs.

  • Dr. Kalman does not take insurance.  See " Insurance" section below for more details.

  • For Bryan Johnson Blueprint adherents, I offer a concierge membership service that gives you access to off-label use of prescription medication, highly discounted labs, and more access to the doctor including text messaging.  Please click here for more information.


  • First appointment: It is recommended that all initial paperwork be completed, signed, and received by our office preferably 2 business days prior to your scheduled appointment.  For your convenience, all documents are completed online through the patient portal system.

  • Please check in 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Please do not wear any scented products, as many of our patients are chemically sensitive. These include lotions, cologne, perfume, hair spray, etc.

  • All consultations are charged for the actual time used, not the time blocked.

  • Any research requested by the patient are billable services and will be charged at the hourly rate.


  • If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, you must notify us a minimum of 48 business hours prior to your scheduled time, or you will be charged for the missed appointment.  If you missed your new patient appointment, you might not be rescheduled.

  • If your appointment is on Monday, please notify our office no later than noon on the previous Thursday if you can't make it.

  • Our electronic medical records system will send you an email reminder to confirm your appointment 2 business days in advance.


  • Prescription refills on already established medications from an original pharmacy carrying that prescription are performed at no charge. However, requests for a new prescription or changes in prescription type or transfer to a different pharmacy may incur a $35 prescription handling charge. 

  • We do not do Prior Authorizations. That is allowing insurance to interfere with your care.  Please see the section "Insurance" below for more information.

Phone or Video Consultations:

  • The doctor will call you at your scheduled appointment time.

  • All appointments are scheduled for the Pacific Standard Time zone.

Medical Letters:

  • Medical letters are a billable service. If these items are requested there may be an additional charge based on the time involved at the hourly rate per doctor to complete your request.

Questions and Follow-up:

  • You may email or call Dr. Kalman with follow-up questions through the patient portal. Questions must be brief and concise, and there is a limit to the number of inquiries that can be sent each month. The office staff and/or clinic doctor will determine if a phone or office consult is needed to answer your question(s). Otherwise, a member of our office staff will respond to your inquiry. When leaving a voice mail message, please be brief and concise, and always include your name and phone number, including the area code.

  • Please Note: We try to accommodate questions regarding treatment clarification at no charge. Simply put, if you have a quick question about a supplement or diagnostic test we recommended or a therapy reaction you may be experiencing, then please contact us. However, if the response to a question you submit requires the doctor to do research and/or review, you may be billed for the time involved at the doctor’s hourly rate.

Follow-up Consultations:

  • When you are being managed for hormone therapy, there are mandatory lab draws and an office consultation every 6 months.

  • If there are abnormal results from recent lab testing, that need to be reviewed, a follow-up consultation is required this allows for quality care.

  • If prescription medication is being provided for yourself, an office consultation is required every 6 months.

    Prescription refills will not be provided to patients who do not follow up within the 6-month time frame.


  • Dr. Kalman does not take insurance.  We do not issue "SuperBills" for submission to your insurance.  Our office is a fee-for-service facility.  You are essentially building a one-to-one relationship with Dr. Kalman and hiring his expertise without a middle-man.  When insurance is taken out of the picture, there is more freedom to use medications "off-label" and to serve you the best way possible. 

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