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Thaena Post-Biotics

It is a stool derived whole-biome multibiotic supplement that contains prebiotics, thousands of heat-killed probiotics, and hundreds of distinct postbiotics.

  1. Multiple gut bacterial species that are commonly found in the mouth, especially several forms of Streptococcus, were associated with coronary atherosclerosis and systemic inflammatory biomarkers in a population-based observational study.

  2. Host-microbiota interactions involving inflammatory and metabolic pathways have been linked to the pathogenesis of multiple immune-mediated diseases and metabolic conditions like diabetes and obesity.

  3. Many patients are sensitive to taking probiotics and find that these products may exacerbate their symptoms.

  4. Using fecal derived whole biome postbiotics is a novel way to bring balance back to the GI system without using the current approaches like destroy and replace (antimicrobials & probiotics) or "overdosing" the gut with probiotics and prebiotics to "overwhelm" the system with healthy microbes.  The lingering question is...who is to say that the type of probiotics in the formula you are taking are in the right ratios for balance?  Using fecal derived whole biome postbiotics is similar to using the messaging system of exosomes.  Fecal transplants have shown us the data of what's possible when implanting a balanced microbiota from a healthy donor.  Oral capsules are a simpler, easier and more cost effective therapy than fecal transplants.

  5. Accumulating evidence suggests that alterations in the gut microbiome could play a role in cardiovascular disease.  Thaena whole biome microbiota are a foundational component to our cardiovascular health program.

Postbiotic molecules can include a wide range of substances, including short-chain fatty acids, peptides, modified amino acids, lipid membrane components, and more. Over 800 postbiotic molecules have been identified in the ecosystem product, ThaenaBiotic®.  Many postbiotics play an important role in human health and may have additional beneficial effects on the body. For example, some research has suggested that some postbiotic molecules have anti-inflammatory, immunoregulatory, blood glucose control, and appetite-regulatory effects. In addition, postbiotics may also be involved in developing and maintaining the gut microbiome. Some research has suggested that postbiotics promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and may also play a role in shaping the microbiome's composition.


Ingredients and Recommended Use

ThaenaBiotic® is made via a patent-pending ThaenaKilled™ sterilization process. The resulting postbiotics in ThaenaBiotic® are whole fecal biome derived, meaning they are the fermented byproducts generated from healthy donors' gut ecosystems. The donors are screened for overall health and wellness, including a healthy lifestyle, diet, regular exercise, and mindfulness practices. 



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